September 8, 2011

Another Recipe

Mmmmmm!  So, I talked last time about how I made the Raspberry Rhubarb jam... it was good.  It is good, but not the tart flavor I was looking for.  Then I found this one.  Vanilla Rhubarb Jam.  AMAZING!  It smells amazing, it tastes amazing and was easy to make!  (Note, I did not cut up the rubarb as small as the author, that takes way to much time, therefore I have chunks of rhubarb in my jam, but that doesn't bother me).  And, yes, I know Rhubarb is not in season, but that's the great thing about Meijer, they carry out of season vegetables (or whatever you would classify Rhubarb as).  I also did my canning (sealing) in the over... it worked.  Amazed.  And, I didn't have to get my big pot out, again!

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