September 15, 2010

Who do you say I am?

In Matthew 16:15 Jesus asked, "Who do you say I am?"

If Jesus asked you this question today, how would you answer?

Simon Peter answered this question by calling Jesus the Messiah, the Son of the living God.

The Bible promises those that confess that Jesus is Lord can have:
Faith instead of fear
Health instead of sickness
Hope instead of despair
Peace instead of worry
Provision instead of lack

In the midst of our suffering, we can have a quality of life that knows no anxiety, no doubt, and no hopelessness... a quality of life where no test report, no doctor visit and no chemo treatment, no bad news, no demands, no phone call can penetrate the perfect peace that rests deep within our spirit. 

Do you hunger for peace like this?  Have you invited Jesus into the center of your life?  You should know the Lord is a gentle man, he will not come barging uninvited through your front door like a knight in shining armor, claiming to be your Messiah and demanding that you surrender your life to Him.  You are not a puppet on a string, and he is not some divine puppeteer orchestrating your every thought and every move from a heavenly realm.  He chose you first, to love you and die for you, to invite you into His kingdom to live with Him forever (John 15:16).  But He gave you the freedom to accept or reject His offer.  Who is this Jesus?  The final choice is yours.  Choose wisely... your very life depends on it.

From "Grace for each hour" by Mary J Nelson

Only 2 more chemo treatments and I'm DONE!!!!  Yeah!!!  My counts are continuing to drop.  My white is currently at 2.0 (normal, w/o chemo is 4-11.0), but my neutrophil count is 1.2 (normal is 1.52-7.7), good news though is that I'm not anemic at all.  As long as my neutrophil count is above 1.0 they will continue to do treatments as scheduled.  They say that the low counts could be contributing to my exhaustion, but they are not low enough to do anything about it.  The Ritalin I was trying to use to combat the exhaustion was making me feel very jittery inside, so I'm trying not to take it unless I have to!  Really, I know that I am very lucky, compared to a lot of people I feel very good, I'm still able to go about my day to day, even doing extra things beyond what is required of me as a mom and wife.  I'm not throwing up, I don't seem to have anymore bone pain that can be associated with Taxol, and the neuropathy is getting better/non-existent.  I do have some pretty intense heartburn, like worse than being pregnant heartburn, but that is minimal compared to what it could be!  I am so grateful for all of the prayers being said during this time, I know that without you all, your prayers and my faith in an awesome God, I couldn't have done this!

Landon has a football game tonight, if interested in his schedule you can find it here: 7th Grade Football Schedule


Anonymous said...

Lynette, you are an inspiration. God is good and I love reading your blog posts. Keep praying and he will answer all prayers :)

Oh and I am glad to read that you are almost done..whoo hoo!!!

Neal, Rachel and Morgan said...

Don't forget about Matt's schedule!!!
Hopefully we will get to see each other at a game soon!

Continued prayers for you!

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you are down to two treatments--seems like you were just blogging that you had 14 to go or something--Also great to hear you are feeling OK. Continued prayers for you and yours--Bob and Norma Borst