September 6, 2010

More finished projects

So, for Lilas skirt, I ended up not having a big enough piece of any of my fabric, and I didn't really want to get any more.  I had to improvise.  Like I said, hers is only one layer, I think I like two better for the weight, but for now one will work.  I used about 22 3" pieces, sewed them all together and that was my skirt piece.  Super easy, and this one only took me about 2 hours total!  It's so hard to guess how long it really took because of all the interuptions!  (My model was a little unwilling, can you tell?)

And, Bailey's backpack.  It's been "almost" finished for quite some time, but today I put the finishing touches on and it's ready to go for tomorrow morning!  :)

Happy first day of school to everyone!


Denise said...

The skirt and back pack are so cute but what's even cuter is your daughter. She is just beautiful! I hope everyone had a great frist day of school and that you are doing well. Amy keeps me posted! I'm so glad you guys became friends!

Anonymous said...

More happiness and fun to enjoy! Your pictures are fabulous! Lila is totally adorable and full of spunk! Her skirt is simply sassy! I'd make her wear it all the time!!! Does she like it? I loved your comments one time about her wear a dress/skirt and it keeping her from crawling thus forcing her to walk. That was too funny! As for Bailey and her too chic backpack, you outdid yourself Miss Lynette! It turned out so great!!! I bet Bailey just loves it and I bet all of her friends will want to embelish and deck out their backpacks too!! What a great, fun, creative, loving mom you are!!! You're very inspiring and I so enjoy seeing all the fun things you manage to accomplish! Thanks again for sharing! Praying daily for your continued strength, energy, and peace during this challenging time. Karen