September 5, 2010

"Labor"ing this weekend

There is a TON of laboring going on over here.  If you've driven by our house at all, you may have noticed the rocks that took up a good portion of the driveway ("took" being the key word here), or the huge pile of dirt in the front yard.  My amazing husband has been working overtime to get it all taken care of.  Our landscape was in desperate need of some new rocks.  There were some when we moved in, but they had been there a while and were pretty thin in spots, not to mention the lava rock that was mixed in with the regular rocks was quite an eyesore.  Some of the landscape has been reconfigured, some was added and some just received new covering!  It looks amazing if I do say so!  Did I mention my husband is amazing?  He is also spreading dirt out in the yard to make it even/fill in the holes.  We moved in exactly two years ago now (I can't even believe that), it's finally time we did this stuff, we just never seemed to have enough time.  Is there ever enough time? 

OK, so that's not all he's doing.  He is also going to build some garden boxes so that we can plant a garden next year.  We always have good intentions of doing this, but the boxes were never done, and once again, there was never time, so we figure if the boxes are done next year, we may actually do it!  Matt's got a whole list of things he wants to plant.  I am SO not a green thumb, so this is going to have to be his thing, I'll help where I can, I just don't know anything about any of it!

And me.  Well, I'm working on pictures this weekend, lot's of editing to do!  I also started another project.  Did I ever tell you that I DO NOT sew?  I've never had the patience to actually follow a pattern, that and I didn't understand what a pattern was telling me to do.  So I always gave up.  This weekend I got an itch to try it again.  Matt always rolls his eyes when I get these urges.  His exact words were "I feel like you are going to be extremely frustrated".  Thanks Matt. 
But, I found an easy pattern on "The Polka Dot Chair" blog and was able to follow it almost exactly.  I made one change to make it a bit easier, but nothing that would be noticeable!  The skirt is FAR from perfect, but I think it looks great anyway especially for my first time!  Bailey loves it as well!
With any luck, Lila will have a cute matching one tomorrow, but hers won't be two layers, just to save a few steps, and hopefully an hour or so.  This thing took me approximately 8 hours to make (there were breaks in there to pick up kids, play with kids, cook dinner, eat dinner, bathtime, bedtime... so maybe 4ish hours really).  You can bet that by 10:00 when I got done my eyes were hardly open anymore and my head was spinning, but I just HAD to get it done!

I hope that everyone is enjoying thier labor day weekend.  Enjoying this chilly, but beautiful weather.  I noticed the clouds yesterday were really looking fall like.  All fluffy and gray.  It really made me want to eat chili and got to Cranes and pick apples.  But, that will have to wait!  A few weeks at least!


Liz said...

That skirt is so cute! You have way too many talents for one person.

The Grotenhuis' said...

VERT cute!!! I love it.... Do you have any finished pictures of the backpack? I heard it's really cute too. GREAT job :)

Anonymous said...

In a word "phenomenal!" What an amazingly productive weekend!!! Praises to Matt for all his hard work on your landscaping!!! I bet it looks and feels spectacular to have it all done! How exciting to be planning to garden! That's sounds awesome too! And Bailey's skirt is absolutely, positively ADORABLE!!! I love it!!! I showed Haley and she thought it was awesome! You did a fantastic job Lynnette!!! I wish I had an ounce of your sewing talent. I have none. Haley would love me to buy a machine and sew with her, but I'm totally afraid. Afraid I will waste my money and not use it or not be able to actually "figure it out". If they gave classes to make things and you could try risk free, that would be the way to go. So glad to hear things are going well and your doing so many great things!!! You are so amazing!!! Karen