October 15, 2009

Pictures & Upadates

I just shared them on facebook too, so not sure how interesting this will be...

Landon has been doing great in school, in fact I just checked the portion of his report card that is complete and he has all A's and A-'s so far (just waiting for social studies), not bad at all! (I was expecting much worse to be quite honest). He has had a lot of homework though, and between that and football we had to put an end to him going to the bridge after school, just til football is done, it was just to much for him, I don't think he knows what it means to be stressed out, but I think I could see that he was.

Lila has been doing great eating cereal and various baby foods, she loves it, athough it is causing her some problems with going to the bathroom, were working on that. She is eating twice a day typically, although some days we just skip it. We also recently started to give her the puffs, but she isn't quite thinking she's ready to pick those up by herself yet, so I have to put them in her mouth. She does like them though!
Lila had a fever yesterday and didn't sleep well the night before so I took her into the doctor, anticipating (hoping for) an ear infection. If it had been an ear infection we could have done antibiotics and been good, but nope, nothing seemed to be wrong except for the fever (and her not wanting to be put down, and the random bursts of screaming). She slept in bed with me last night while Matt slept on the couch, it was so nice to sleep with her again. I wouldn't want to do it every night, but it was sweet! She's sweet! At her doctor appt she was 21 pounds 12 ounces... 4 more ounces until new carseat, not quite ready for that yet.


Sarah said...

Cute pictures! Landon looks so studious! A big congrats to him on his grades- that is HUGE b/c the adjustment to 6th grade is so big- nice work Landon!!!!!! And little Lila's tongue picture- adorable! Hope she is on the mend soon!

MandaKay said...

I'm an old school blog lover - nothing can replace a blog - not even facebook! These pictures are ADORABLE - what cuties you have!