October 18, 2009


We made one last trip to Cranes for the season yesterday. We didn't get there until about 5:00 (they close at 6:00) so we didn't have a ton of time, but the good news was that it was not busy (probably b/c it was so darn cold).

We went with the intention of picking some mustu apples, a favorite of our, but one we seem to miss almost every year. They told us where the trees were and we headed out to the far parts of the orchard, down a very big hill... we walked through the whole section and found 3 apples. 3. So back up the hill we went to find something else to pick. We ended up picking some Jonnagolds which were plentiful on the trees!

Lila LOVES her apples! LOVES to suck the juice out of them. Matt made the mistake of letting her lick one once adn she got ANGRY when he tried to take it to take another bite. She also had a very dirty diaper after that. She is just getting so very very big!

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