July 26, 2009

More pictures

Thursday we had a campfire and we had Denver overnight! Friday I took a few pictures of my darlings!

Friday night we also had a baseball game to go to. Landon's team won, but from what I hear, there is absolutely no reason they shouldn't have won.

Saturday we had more baseball games to go to. We were lucky to have our first game at noon unlike some teams that started at 8am (in Byron Center). They lost thier first game, but I have to say they had a great rally in the 4th inning. starting the inning it was 9-1 (we were down), they came back to tie the game. Because of a time limit this should have been the last inning, but b/c of a tie they had to play another. Unfortunately thier streak didn't continue and they lost. They lost the next game too, which sent us on our way home!

This picture melts my heart, probably b/c I was there. Big brother after a good hit or play or something asking little brother for a bump! So sweet!

So yeah, the only time I don't bring a second outfit along with us is the one time we would need it. She had a bad diaper and spent the second game naked. Oh well, she didn't seem to mind.
Today is Bailey's 8th birthday!!!! Love this girl! She is such a blessing to us daily! She is quite a character with quite a sense of style! Seriously you should see some of the outfits she picks out!

She got to pick the day's events, we had bagels for breakfast, then her and I went shopping to Target (where we worked together to pick out a new outfit and accessories)! Then it was off to Craigs Cruisers for some video games and go carts!

Then it was home to give her her present... a new bike. One that is just a bit big for her, but so much better than the one that is way to small for her!
Soon we will be eating hamburgers per her request and banana splits instead of cake. We will have a party with family later this week!

Looking at my calendar for this week is enough to stress me out, but I know that in the midst of it all it won't be that bad, it just looks like a lot! Bring it on!

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MandaKay said...

What GREAT pictures - love the ones of Lila and the Craig's Cruisers ones are perfect in black and white!