July 3, 2009

Have you had your moldy cheese and vomit today?

I bought these for Landon at the Peanut store this past week (we've been spending far to much time there), I thought they looked like such a great 11 year old boy thing. I didn't think they could possibly be that bad. Ha! Landon and Matt said they were the most disgusting things ever! What a great trick that would be for some unsuspecting soul... here's some ear wax and boogers to add to the daily diet! ;) Be on guard if I ever offer you a Jelly Belly!

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The Neuman's said...

I've had a few of those (Bertie Botts every flavor bean from harry potter edition) I ate them in the car and almost had to pull over with the vomit one. I think, If I remember correctly, the ear wax wasn't 1/2 bad. =-)