April 10, 2012

No more PIPEYS!

She was sucking on her ring pop.  I was on my computer.  She said to me, "I don't need a Pipey anymore".  I said, "Quick Landon, find the scissors, take the camera, we need pictures of this".  
He took the pictures.
Her and I cut the Pipey.  
Both of them.
She smiled.  
I smiled.  
It was great!  

 The she kept on sucking on her ring pop like nothing ever happened.

 Almost like a pipey.  Big brother, little brother and baby girl.  (Big girl was off running or something energetic like that)

As bedtime nears, the tears are starting to come.
She wants the pipey back.
I will admit that we cut them just as much for her as me.
This way I can't cave in.
Pray for us tonight as we beat this addiction together!


Kate said...

How did night one with no pipey go?

julie s said...

Awww, so sweet. We called them pipeys too!