October 10, 2011

What's new?

Well, nothing is new.  We've just been busy having fun is all!  (That, and I'm keeping up the M-LIFE blog, which is very time consuming, leaving me little desire to keep this one up somedays, you should check it out though, there are some great giveaways going on right now!)

What have we done?
Art Prize
Art Prize
Ice Cream
Dinner with friends
Playing outside
Field Trips
School parties
Dentist appointments
Doctor appointments
Grocery Shopping
oh, and did I mention... football?

Here are a few pictures to share... (I love that I started to carry around a point and shoot, I take so many more snapshots of things I normally wouldn't capture)

 Apple picking in the freezing cold!

 Art Prize!
 This one looked like a  photograph, but was a painting.  Amazing!
 I LOVED this... made out of masking tape!

 Free dinner downtown Zeeland!

 Dinner at Marios with my fellow cancer survivors (minus Lindy who had to leave early)

 Field trip to Fredrick Meijer Gardens with Elliot's class!

 Sleepover with friends.  (No, they did not sleep in the same sleeping bag, this was after I put B's sleeping bag away in the morning)

 Last day Captain Sundae was open!

 Our field trip this morning to Outdoor Discovery Center was a huge success... we walked forever and definitely tired the kiddo's out!

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