December 10, 2010

Last One!!!!

WoW!  6 weeks went by SO fast!  Today is my last day of radiation.  For the past six weeks I've been driving the same route every morning.  Thankfully the weather was good for most of those six weeks.  And, today I will drive that route for the last time.  (OK, that's an exageration, this IS the same route I take to Target and Meijer and Starbucks and JoAnne's and...)  All this to say... I'M DONE!  Or at least at 6:30 this morning I can see that oh so bright light shining, and I've only got steps until the end of the tunnel!  It's kind of like a race... I started off strong, no problem, but at this point I'm crawling to get to the finish line.  I'm sick of it and I'm SOOOO tired!

For the most part radiation is easy.  5 minute appointments, the staff is wonderful, no sickness... the bad parts have been that I have a pretty intense sunburn going under my arm, at one point (no exageration) my skin was black.  I've noticed about three layers of skin peeling off.  (Think of the worst sunburn you've ever had... times 10)  It's uncomfortable to say the least.  About two weeks ago I developed shingles.  Luckily I caught it relatively early and was given some medicine and it was getting better quickly.  Right now I can still see the spots but have very little pain associated with them!

Thank you for all of your thoughts and prayers during radiation (and before).  They are so appreciated, I have felt them.  Truly, I have!

But I will restore you to health and heal your wounds declares the Lord.  Jeremiah 30:17


Anonymous said...

So thankful you have reached the end of rads! Hope the burning fades quickly. Let me know if the aquaphor help--I have a suspicion I'll need it too...Enjoy your weekend knowing, "No 'mo rads :)"

christy said...

so glad youre finished!

Neal, Rachel and Morgan said...

so happy you are finished! We will continue to pray that your body totally heals and you are yourself again! Thanking God!

It was great seeing you guys last weekend too! Hope you had fun!

Heather Caywood said...

CONGRATS Lynette - you may view it as crawling to the finish, but I see it running strong - great job, you are a great example of strength!!

Anonymous said...

You always look so upbeat and happy I would never know it that you are tired and sore. That sunburn thing sounds so painful, I can't even imagine. It's such wonderful news that you are almost done!! I'll keep you in my prayers.