November 23, 2010

Advent Calendars

I mentioned it before and I'm mentioning it again.  I want an advent calendar.  A dear friend called me and said she had picked one up for me on a recent vacation, for which I am so grateful and excited!  But, I still want one "like I used to have".  I remember when I was little the felt calendar that hung on the wall.  My brother and I would take turns each day taking the handmade ornament out of the pocket and hanging it on a button on the tree (on the calendar) and reading the corosponding verse.  The anticipation grew to the day that we could hang up the final ornament.  The star.  I wish we still had that calendar, I'm sure it was something handmade that my mom picked up at a craft fair somewhere, I've looked and looked and looked for a duplicate somewhere, but with no success. 

While searching on Etsy yesterday I found this.  I'm so excited to get it.  While it's not the calendar itself, it is what I want to be IN the calendar, verses and tokens to go along with the verses.

Now, I'm going to make (with the help of my kids) a calendar of sorts to go with it.  I'll be sure to show the finished product when I'm done (which could very well be next year, so please don't hold your breath). 


Denise said...

I googled, and googled, and ebay'd and etsy'd for a long time yesterday to find an advent calendar! I'd love to know how you plan on making one! I have never sewed more than an a button on a pair of pants! I just haven't found one that I really love. Can't wait to see yours!

mark said...

We bought the advent calendars at Zion's bazaar. I still have mine. So if you would like to see it and make one you can use mine. I think I should make one for Wyatt for next year! Maybe we could get together and make them. Maybe when Erin comes next summer!Wishing you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving! Tell your Dad and Josh also! Love, Janelle

Rachel said...

I totally know the calendar you are talking mom has the same one. I bet she got it at Zion as well. Maybe I can get it from her for MY house. I hope the sewing project is going well. I think of you often. Love, Rachel (Fuglseth) Sams