November 25, 2014

How this Africa thing came to be...

If you didn't read yesterdays post, I would suggest starting there.

The next morning, after a little crying and a lot of praying I was folding some laundry that was on my bedroom floor.  There was a t-shirt.  A well loved t-shirt.  A very old t-shirt.  I picked it up and looked at it, it says on it "Love God / Love People".  I smiled.  I felt like that was a little message from the Big Guy saying this IS what I have planned for you.

Matt and I discussed it a big more.  He's still not fully on bored, I think the dollar amount intimidates him quite honestly, but I fully believe that God will provide.  And I have NOT been disappointed.

Did I mention that Amy is going too?  (That was a huge influence in my decision... Thanks God for providing that little piece)  Oh, and sleeping arrangements?  It's not huts with pit toilets folks.  It's a dorm.  With the best showers on campus.  Even though I don't deserve it, God is providing some of the comforts that I feel like I need (but know in reality it's all a want, not a need).

So, here's a few details that I have (and I only have a few):

We will be traveling with a group of approximately 12 people mostly from Community Reformed Church, to Lesotho Africa, it will take about 2 days of travel, we will spend approximately 6 days there and then 2 more days of travel to return.  While in Lesotho we will be serving at Beautiful Gate Orphanage.  I need to raise approximately $2,300 in order to go on this trip.

I am confident that the Lord will provide!

I will be sharing updates here on this blog and a few other God things that have confirmed that this trip is where he wants me!  Be sure to check back.

And, if you feel like contributing please see the sidebar for different ways you can help!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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