December 14, 2012

Merry Christmas {The only Christmas card you will get}

This is the best Christmas card I have time for this year, so sorry that it's not physically in your hands, but better than nothing, right?  And, based on the number I've received this year, I'm not alone in this!

I feel like this is all very repetitive since so many people are on facebook now, but I also want a "central" location for some of it too!

A few weeks ago our family took a little trip to Orlando.  Technically Kissimmee, but we spent most of our time in Orlando, at a small park called Walt Disney World.  Have you heard of it?  It's the most over rated, well run and populated park in the country, and probably even the world.

Everything we read said that this was the time of year to avoid.  Thanksgiving week.  We figured that since we haven't been there in years and years and years it wouldn't matter so much, we wouldn't know any different.  And, we wanted to avoid taking the kids out of school for any extended amount of time, since they had the whole week off, this worked out great!

I was very well prepared for a very stressful and crabby week (from myself).  I was anticipating getting frustrated and annoyed on a regular basis.

In the end, to be quite honest, it wasn't that bad.  It WAS crowded, no doubt about that.  Often times we felt as if we were swimming in a school of fish, you didn't really have a choice which way to go and you prayed that your kids were in the same route!  (Praise the LORD we never lost anyone)  Many times we almost hit someone because they stopped in the middle of the "road" right in front of us, but we understood that the reality was that this would happen, there were not a lot of choices for stopping.  I don't think I got annoyed with anyone.  That's huge for me!

It was GREAT to have my family to myself for a week.  It wasn't until we were on our way to the airport that I realized that this was our first vacation with just "our" little family!

Anyway, long story short, we had a great time, Disney does everything on an amazing level, I wish the rest of the world would get a clue from them about customer service.  We managed to get to all of the Disney parks, we went on most of the rides that we wanted to, we saw almost all of the shows that we wanted to see (the shows were my favorite part) and we got to spend some time by the pool!

The one thing I regret was that I did not take my big camera into the parks with me most days, it was just to much to lug around (and, it fell off my neck one day when the strap came loose and crashed on the path and slid across between a few peoples feet, narrowly avoiding a disaster), but the point and shoot camera that i have is not very good and my cell phone camera is even worse, so a LOT of my pictures are blurry, colorless and worse, but I keep telling myself that it's the memory that counts, the pictures still reflect the good time we had, just not in such a good way!

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