January 4, 2012

All this pinning...

All this pinning has led to lot's of doing as well!  Here are a few of the things (recipes) I've done and the results:
Nutella Meringues.  Sounded GREAT, but super flop.  Pitched the whole pan.  That's a lot of wasted nutella if you ask me.  In defense of the recipe, I have never mixed egg whites into peaks and I may have failed miserably at that. 
Pizza Rolls.  Ah-Mazing!  Very similar to Pereddies, very very good.  My kids weren't thrilled with it at first, but after forcing them to take a bite they warmed up.  Super good, and very easy, these will be a regular on my menu!

Salty Caramel Oat Bars: These are probably my most favorite-est thing I've made in a very very long time!  So salty and so sweet!  Seriously, there are pretzels in the dough, it adds the perfect amount of saltiness! 
Cheddar Bacon Ranch Pulls: Good, not amazing, probably will not be making this again.  I don't know why.  Just won't. 

Oreo Puddin Poke Cake: My timing was off and this was a disaster.  It was two layers, one cake, one pudding.  I started the pudding to soon and it was to set to pour over the cake and soak in, so... it didn't.  Probably very good when timed just right!

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